Jonathan Steinberg

Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Modern European History, Emeritus

(215) 573-5449

206E College Hall


Jonathan Steinberg came to Penn in January 2000 after more than thirty years at Cambridge University. He has written on twentieth century Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland and also prepared the official report on the Deutsche Bank's gold transactions in the Second World War which appeared in 1999. In 2003 he completed "European History and European Lives, 1715 to 1914", a 36-part series of biographies produced by The Teaching Company. His teaching covers modern Europe since 1789 with specialization in the German and Austrian Empires, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and modern Jewish history. He has also taught graduate and undergraduate seminars in historical thought and method.



Courses Taught
  • HIST 126: Europe 1789-1890
  • HIST 127: Europe 1890-1945
  • HIST 128: Europe 1945 to Present
  • HIST 212: Italian History from Napoleon to Berlusconi
  • HIST 138: Secular Judaism and Secular Jews: Lives and Choices (with Dr Marion Kant)