Alexander Botwinik

Lecturer in Yiddish

Alexander (Sender) Botwinik is a Yiddish lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, Alexander teaches music and choir at Har Zion Temple and coordinates an annual choral youth Zimria (song festival). In January 2017, Alexander released a CD entitled “From Holocaust to Life – Yiddish Art Songs” which comprises 15 songs by his father, composer David Botwinik. Alexander was invited to give a musical presentation in April 2017 organized by Penn Jewish Studies Bassini Interns. This event featured a talk interspersed with selections from the new CD, some of which were performed live by internationally acclaimed opera singers Lisa Willson DeNolfo and John Packard. Alexander is now working on producing a second CD of his father’s music, featuring children’s songs, this time working with different singers, both children and adults.