D. Quinn Daniels

Quinn Daniels is a specialist in the Hebrew Bible who works in the history, religion, archaeology, languages, and epigraphy of the southern Levant and its environment during the Late Bronze through Second Temple periods. Broadly, he analyzes the compositions of the Hebrew Bible as objects embedded in the fabric of the wider Levantine, Mediterranean, and Near Eastern world, examining the ways in which the historical conditions of the southern Levant structured the stories scribes told about the bygone past and their own current landscape. His PhD dissertation at New York University investigates the ways in which the northern kingdom of Israel's activity in the desert lands south of Judah is reflected in both the Isaac-Jacob-Esau material in Genesis and in the Exodus-Wilderness-Eastern Conquest traditions of the greater Pentateuch."


PhD Candidate, New York University, Skirball Department of Hebrew & Judaic Studies

Courses Taught

JWST 1200 The Bible in Translation