Julia Wilker

Julia Wilker

Associate Professor of Classical StudiesChair, Graduate Group in Ancient History


227 Cohen Hall

Julia Wilker is an ancient historian working primarily on the Near East in Hellenistic and Roman times, with a focus on the history of Judaea from the Maccabean revolt to the second century CE. She is particularly interested in the political and cultural changes during this period and the interaction between local elites and imperial powers, both literally in regard to foreign relations and political integration and figuratively with a focus on the adoption and adaptation of cultural features. In a broader sense, her research focuses on evolving concepts of identity and normativity and how these changes influenced local societies. Her first book dealt with the integration of the highest strata of Judean elites into Roman imperial rule and their role as mediators between Jews and Romans. Her second book (forthcoming with Oxford University Press) analyzes the role of women in the Judaean dynasties from the Hasmoneans to the later Herodians  (2nd century BCE to 1st century CE). She also has published on the Roman institution of client kingship, the integration of dependent dynasties into the imperial elite, and the impact on their home regions. 


Dr. phil. (Ancient History), Freie Universität Berlin 

M.A. History, M.A. Classical Archaeology, Freie Universität Berlin

Courses Taught
  • ANCH 220: Near East in Hellenistic and Roman Times
  • ANCH 538; Jews in the Greek and Roman World