Jewish Studies Graduate Programs

The School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania offers a full spectrum of coursework and programs in Jewish Studies, from Biblical to modern times, and in the multiple dimensions of the Jewish historical and culural experience. Each year over fifty courses are offered in Jewish Studies by more than twenty regular faculty members as well as by distinguished visiting scholars. In line with Penn's intellectual tradition, students receive rigourous training in languages and critical skills as well as in disciplinary methods, and are encouraged to explore interdisciplinary and cross-cultural connection in their studies.

Penn's vibrant graduate program in Jewish Studies allows students to earn degrees in their particular disciplines, while participating in the many activities and scholarships opportunities offered by the Jewish Studies program. Prospective graduate students should apply to the appropriate departments and programs, not directly to Jewish Studies. For example, graduate students specializing in areas of Jewish Studies at Penn often apply to Comparative Literature, History, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Religious Studies, and other departments.