Talya Fishman

Talya Fishman

Associate Professor of Jewish Intellectual and Cultural History of the Medieval and Early Modern Periods

(215) 898-5837

706 Williams Hall

Talya Fishman is an Associate Professor of Medieval Middle Eastern Religion in the Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations department. 

Courses Taught

NELC 0305: Medieval Jewish Bookshelf (under Great Books of Judaism)
NELC 0325: Introduction to Jewish Mysticism
NELC 0330: Jewish Political Thopught and Action
NELC 4305: Spirit and Law

Directed Study courses focusing on readings in a range of Hebrew genres (law, Jewish thought, biblical exegesis, sermons, historiography) may be arranged with graduate students who wish to explore cultural developments associated with 10th to 18th century Jews living in Chrsitian or Muslim lands.