University of Pennsylvania Emergency Fellowships for Graduate Students from Ukraine

CFP: University of Pennsylvania Emergency Fellowships for Graduate Students from Ukraine

The University of Pennsylvania invites current graduate students from Ukrainian institutions of higher education to apply for a one-year Visiting Graduate Student Fellowship. Fellowships will provide tuition-free access to University of Pennsylvania courses and programs (granting non-degree course credit, where applicable), a living stipend, health insurance, and support for visa application. Students will be administratively hosted by the Russian and East European Studies Department. The program welcomes students with disciplinary focuses in anthropology, art history, demography, film studies, history, international business studies, international relations, energy policy, Jewish studies, comparative literature and literary theory, literary and cultural history, medieval studies, political science, and sociology (if your field is not listed, please inquire). A limited number of fellowships is available.


Please direct your application by email to program director Kevin M. F. Platt ( Please also inquire with Dr. Platt to obtain more information.

The application material should include, if possible:



Copy of your passport (i.e., copy of the page that displays your personal details and photo).

Transcript (with your university's logo): You should submit an official transcript signed by the appropriate authority at your university.

Personal Statement: a short (up to two pages) personal statement explaining your educational aspirations and interests, your current situation and needs.

At least one and preferably two letters of support from mentors or supervisors.

Please also complete the form below

It is understood that you might not be able to solicit all of the above material. Incomplete applications will be accepted. We encourage submission of applications as soon as possible and will begin their consideration after May 20. Applications submitted after that date will be accepted but may be too late for consideration for a fellowship, depending on levels of interest. 


Personal information

1.    Last name:

2.    First name: 

3.    Passport number:

4.    Gender:

5.     Citizenship:

6.    Country of birth:

7.    Date of birth:


Contact information 

1.    Personal email:

2.    Mobile Phone 


Academic information

1.    Full name of your current university:  

2.    Current degree program:

3.    Start date of current position:

4.    Current year in your current program:

5.    Expected completion date of your current program: