Students' Digital Humanities Publication in NELC 0620 class: Sephardic Heritage Cookbook Scalar site


Professor Heather Sharkey pursued a project with her students to study one cookbook in Penn's collection: The Sephardic Heritage Cookbook, published in 2016 by the women's society of a Sephardic temple in Los Angeles. 

The Scalar site is published:  You can see the Table of Contents by clicking on the three bars in the upper left-hand corner.  Essays cover the history of the congregation, of particular dishes, of migratory routes that brought member families to California and more.  A whole section goes into the history of individual ingredients featured in the cookbook, such as saffron and rosewater.

Food in the Islamic Middle East: A Case Study of the Sephardic Heritage Cookbook: The Sephardic Heritage Cookbook: A Team Project of "Food in the Islamic Middle East", a seminar at the University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2023

The Penn Libraries has accessioned the project so that it is discoverable and searchable through the Penn Libraries database: