Kedma: Penn's Undergraduate Journal on Israel, Jewish Thought and Culture

Kedma is a forum for innovative thinking about Jewish culture and arts, and diverse Jewish communities and trends in the United States, Israel, and around the world.  “Kedma” comes from the Hebrew root kedem which means both “east” and “forward” – and indeed, the journal aims to embody this progressive and creative thinking.

You don't want to miss the publication opportunity with Kedma, Penn's Journal on Israel, Jewish Thought, and Culture. We publish all sorts of interesting work twice a year, including academic work (a paper you were really proud of that you wrote for your Jewish Studies, NELC, or Modern Middle East classes), creative pieces (poems, art, photos), reviews, and interviews. 

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The Kedma Journal wants your submission! Email with your name and your piece (again – relating to Judaism and the Middle East, or a creative piece in which we might be interested).  


call for submissions

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