Jewish Studies Languages

The University of Pennsylvania Jewish Studies Program offers courses leading to language proficiency in Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, and Yiddish.

Modern Hebrew Language Program

Coordinator, Joseph Benatov
Modern Hebrew Language courses: JWST 0100, 0200, 0300, 0400
For the Modern Hebrew Language Program tutorial site, click here.
Note: If you are interested in taking Modern Hebrew, you are advised to take the MHLP Placement Exam given at the beginning of the semester. For specific time and place, please call the NELC department at 215-898-7466.

Biblical Hebrew Program

Coordinator, Michael Carasik
Biblical Hebrew courses: JWST 0150, 0250, 0350, 0450

Yiddish Language Program

Coordinator, Kathryn Hellerstein
Yiddish Language courses: JWST 0160, 0260, 0360, 0460